Tools and resources

| Cross-cutting

The NTD Mapping Tool is a new interactive mapping tool for control of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).


Diagnostics | Lymphatic filariasis

This bench aid provides detailed instruction on the proper use of the new Filariasis Test Strip used for the detection of Wuchereria bancrofti antigen.

Standard Operating Procedures

Endgame | Lymphatic filariasis

The Survey Sample Builder is a tool designed to help program managers with their Transmission Assessment Surveys. The SSB program can be used to automate the calculations for determining appropriate survey strategy. The design of the surveys is flexible in order to best fit the local situation and depends upon factors such as the primary school enrolment rate, the population size, the number of schools or enumeration areas, and the cost of different survey methods.

Program tools

Endgame | Lymphatic filariasis

The Transmission Assessment Survey (TAS) for lymphatic filariasis is conducted to determine whether infection has been reduced to levels below which transmission is no longer sustainable, allowing for a decision to stop mass drug administration (MDA). The same strategy is also used for surveillance after stopping MDA to ensure that recrudescence is not occurring.  These WHO guidelines are available in both French and English.