Outputs from the 2018 COR-NTD Meeting

The 2018 annual meeting of the Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases (COR-NTD) was held October 26 & 27, 2018, in New Orleans, LA. Content on this page captures the key discussion points, knowledge gaps, and recommended next steps identified by the participants of the 27 breakout sessions held at that event. Click on the links below and in the margin to access and download the content. To download all 27 reports in a compressed folder, click here.

Output Table 

This document synthesizes the knowledge gaps and recommended next steps from all 27 sessions, organized by disease.

Preview of COR-NTD Output Table

Individual Breakout Reports

The documents below provide detailed overviews of the key discussion points, knowledge gaps, and recommended next steps from each of the 27 breakout sessions held at COR-NTD 2018.

1A: How Can Current LF and Trachoma Survey Data Influence Policy? 2F: A Framework for Engaged Research to Reach Zero Leprosy 
1B: Threshold for Stopping MDA for Onchocerciasis - Time for a Change? 2G: The Role of New Technologies in HAT Elimination
1C: M&E for Effective STH and SCH Programs 2H: Focus on Non-Compliance- Populations Causes and Formulating a Programmatic Response
1D: Behavior Change for MDA, WHO targets, WASH, & Morbidity 2I: Aligning NTD Programmes with Universal Health Coverage-Lessons from Research
1E: Health Systems Strengthening Opportunities and Challenges for NTD Integration with the National Health Information System
3A: Integrating LF MMDP Activities into National Public Health Systems
1F: Innovations in Leprosy Prophylaxis
3B: Can the Loascope be used successfully in the community?
1G: Innovation for Control and Care of Chagas Disease  3C: Identifying non-responsive SCH and STH 
1H: Engaging NTD programs CDDs Communities to Improve Coverage 3D: Discovery and Clinical Utility Testing of Biomarkers for NTD Elimination
1I: NTD Intersections- Which Hinder Progress, and How Can We Tackle Them? 3E: Off-Target Health Impacts of Azithromycin Mass Drug Administration 
2A: Generating Evidence for Moving to Elimination of LF Transmission 3F: NTD Capacity Building and Control in Central Africa
2B: Gaps in Our Understanding of Onchocerciasis-Associated Epilepsy 3G: Can Kala azar transmission be interrupted?
2C: Shrinking the Map for Schistosomiasis 3H: Community Engagement - Practices for Evolving Contexts
2D: Exploring Distribution Platforms to Mainstream STH
3I: Equality and Equity of NTD Interventions
2E: Challenges and Solutions for Trachoma Surveys 
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COR-NTD Meeting