Call for Proposals: Operational Research on Access to Morbidity Management & Disability Prevention Services

NOTE: As of August 30, 2018, 5 PM EDT, this call is now CLOSED. The COR-NTD Secretariat has received an adequate number of proposals.


Please see the attached PDF for full instructions for the Call for Proposals Operational Research on Access to Morbidity Management & Disability Prevention Services (available in both English and in French). Proposals can be submitted in French following the format described in the instructions. Completed proposals should be three to four pages in length. Submissions will be declined if they do not meet all of the criteria set out in this call for proposals.

If neither English nor French is the team’s primary language, please contact Caroline Kusi, Social Scientist at the NTD-SC at directly for assistance with the development of your proposal. 

COR-NTD will only consider proposals that include all of the following attachments. 

  1. CVs for all members of the study team
  2. Letter of support from the Ministry of Health
  3. Conceptual framework and theory of change diagrams
  4. NTD-SC Budget Template
  5. Budget Justification (please use notes section of NTD-SC budget template to provide justification for various line items)
  6. National government document outlining per diem rates
  7. NTD-SC Project Timeline Template


Community-Based Participatory Research involves the collaborative engagement of communities in the design, implementation, and dissemination of research findings. This process starts with the establishment of a relationship, trust, and partnership with the community, as well as the following.

  • The community participates fully in identifying issues of greatest importance.
  • Instruments are developed with community input and tested in similar populations.
  • Data iscollected by members of the community, if possible, with a focus on capacity building.
  • Findings are first shared and interpreted with community members.
  •  Community members assist with the identification of appropriate venues to disseminate results.
  • Commitment to building on strengths and assets in communities.

Knowledge Translation

The study team develops immediate, medium, and long-term action plans for national and sub-national stakeholders that include:

    • Human and financial resources required to address key issues
    • Sectors within and without the ministry of health that are needed to address key issues.
    • Timeline of implementation of action plans.
    • Making use of and improving existing programmatic structures.
    • Planning for sharing action plans with national ministry of health focal points after sub-national stakeholder meeting.