Overcoming obstacles to program implementation

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Despite major progress during the past ten years in initiating and expanding programs targeting the NTDs, many programs face major challenges to scaling up.

This inability to reach all at-risk populations has multiple causes but leaves hundreds of millions of people around the world without access to simple interventions that promote health and prevent morbidity. Focused research activities will address key problems that currently inhibit program expansion.

Key research projects include:

Starting Programs

  • Developing strategies for onchocerciasis MDA in Loa-co-endemic areas
  • Developing mapping strategies in areas where LF and onchocerciasis overlap with Loa
  • Assessing the effect of stopping MDA for LF on STH levels in ‘non-school age’ populations
  • Developing enhanced MDA strategy for countries which have not yet achieved program success despite multiple rounds of MDA 

Conducting Programs

  • Validating new survey methodologies for resolving uncertain mapping results
  • Developing tools for program managers to assess program performance
  • Developing strategies to motivate drug distributors to achieve increased compliance

Click here for a map of where the research projects are being implemented: http://www.ntdsupport.org/projects