Select NTD publications involving NTD-SC staff or funding are included below.

Determinants of success in national programs to eliminate lymphatic filariasis: a perspective identifying essential elements and research needs

American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2008; 4: 480-484

Kyelem D, Biswas G, Bockarie MJ, Bradley MH, El-Setouhy M, Fischer PU, Henderson RH, Kazura JW, Lammie PJ, Njenga SM, Ottesen EA, Ramaiah KD, Richards FO, Weil GJ, Williams SA

| Lymphatic filariasis

Projected benefits from integrating NTD programs in sub-Saharan Africa

Trends in Parasitology, 2006; 7: 285-291

Brady MA, Hooper PJ, Ottesen EA

Cost studies | Cross-cutting