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New series of compounds discovered that could treat parasitic worm disease schistosomiasis & Other NTD News

News roundup

This news roundup is a collection of headlines and other items on neglected tropical diseases, and does not reflect the work or the views of the Neglected Tropical Diseases Support Center. 



Photo credit: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Lymphatic filariasis

Foot care practice and associated factors among patients with lymphoedema in Boreda district, Gamo zone, southern Ethiopia, 2020

Chuchu Churko et al.
Journal of Foot and Ankle Research
This study indicated foot care practice among lymphedema patients in Boreda district was poor. Number of litre of water collected per day, age at which footwear first worn, number of shoes owned, attending LMMDP and frequency of adenolymphangitis were significantly associated with foot care practice. Standard foot care practice should be emphasized to control progression of lymphedema.


Onchocerciasis Fingerprints in the Geriatric Population: Does Host Immunity Play a Role?

Cabirou Mounchili Shintouo et al.
Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease
Indeed, Onchocerca volvulus has been reported to counteract the immune responses of the host through molecular mimicry by impairing T-cell activation and interfering with the processing of antigens. . .This diminished protective response may intensify the immunosenescence outcomes, with a consequent vulnerability of those affected to additional diseases.

Urine metabolites for the identification of Onchocerca volvulus infections in patients from Cameroon

Vera Wewer et al.
Parasites & Vectors
Discrimination of O. volvulus infections from controls or individuals suffering from multiple infections was improved by the measurement of additional metabolites, e.g. cinnamoylglycine. Thus, measuring a combination of urine metabolites may provide a way to assess onchocerciasis on the population level. This provides the possibility to design a strategy for large-scale onchocerciasis epidemiological screening programs based on urine rather than invasive techniques.

Uganda Moves Closer to Eliminating Onchocerciasis

Uganda Ministry of Health
Act to End Neglected Tropical Diseases | East
Uganda’s Ministry of Health has announced that two more areas (referred to as foci) of the country are now free from onchocerciasis, marking another milestone on the country’s journey to eliminate the disease.


New series of compounds discovered that could treat parasitic worm disease schistosomiasis

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
A new, more effective treatment for schistosomiasis could be on the horizon after researchers discovered a series of new drug compounds that are highly effective against the three main species of parasitic worms that cause the disease, according to new research in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

New RVC-Sanger research examines the impact of mass drug administration on the genome of a major parasitic disease

Drug Discovery Today
A new study, produced in partnership between the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), the Wellcome Sanger Institute, Imperial College and the Vector Borne and Neglected Tropical Disease Control Division of the Ministry of Health, Uganda, has been published in Nature Communications. This research paves the way for a more effective genomic surveillance of schistosomiasis, a major human parasite. The study represents the largest fine-scale genomic investigation into the impact of repeated, long-term mass drug administration (MDA) of children and at-risk adults on populations of schistosome parasites.

Urgent action is needed to tackle impact of early childhood schistosomiasis on education

Global Schistosomiasis Alliance
A new study reveals that the negative impacts of schistosome infection on early child development and educational attainment can be reversed within 6 months after treatment with the drug praziquantel.

WATCH: 5 Things You Should Know About Schisto

Check out the new animation resource from Sightsavers on schistosomiasis.

Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis

Diagnostic target product profile for monitoring and evaluation of soil-transmitted helminth control programmes

A. Montresor
World Health Organization
The purpose of this target product profile is to lead the development of new diagnostic tools to facilitate programme decisions on whether (i) programmes should start preventive chemotherapy, (ii) move to-wards the next phase or ultimately stop preventive chemotherapy, based on WHO’s decision algorithm and (iii) whether soil-transmitted helminths have been eliminated as a public health problem.

Occurrence of Soil-Transmitted Helminths and Helicobacter pylori among Healthy Asymptomatic Occupants of a Public Social Welfare

Gboeloh LeBari Barine and Adedokun Amudatu Ambali
East African Scholars Journal of Medical Sciences
The occurrence of Soil Transmitted Helminths (STHs) and Helicobacter pylori among children in Port Harcourt Children’s home was investigated. Faecal and blood samples were collected from the participants. The faecal samples were examined for the presence of STHs using the direct smear and modified acid fast staining techniques while the blood samples were serologically investigated for the presence of H. pylori using the H. pylori IgG antibody kit.


This Woman Helped Eliminate a Blinding Disease in Ghana. Now, She’s Helping Other Countries Do the Same

Jacky Habib
Global Citizen
Aboe, who spearheaded Ghana’s application to the WHO, is passionate about helping other countries strategize how they can do the same.


‘Supporting India’s efforts in building vector surveillance capacity’: Gates Foundation Dy Director

The Indian Express
Our primary strategic goal is to support the Government of India’s ambition to eliminate vector-borne diseases and expansion of integrated vector-borne disease surveillance.

Dispelling Myths, Misconceptions To Curb Escalating Neglected Tropical Diseases In Nigeria

Chioma Umeha
Independent Newspaper (Nigeria)
Unfortunately, experts say that many victims of NTDs usually link the disease to witchcraft and poison, due to the difficulty in detecting some of the infections in Nigeria. Today, Nigeria is battling with the management of 15 out of the 20 NTDs identified by the World Health Organisation(WHO) amid growing ignorance, myths and misconceptions that have continued to rob victims of early treatment.

Neglected tropical diseases: enhancing safe treatment for more than 1 billion people annually

Ashok Moloo
World Health Organization
A manual designed to help health workers to better administer and manage the safety of people who benefit from free medicines for neglected tropical diseases1 (NTDs) has been published by the World health organization (WHO). The manual, “Safety in administering medicines for neglected tropical diseases”, provides practical tools including training modules and job aids to further improve the planning, preparation and monitoring of safe administration of medicines mainly to treat the 5 NTDs amenable to preventive chemotherapy.2 and also for diseases that require individual case management3.

Are current preventive chemotherapy strategies for controlling and eliminating neglected tropical diseases cost-effective?

Hugo C Turner et al.
BMJ Global Health
Further investment and increased domestic healthcare spending are urgently needed to continue these programmes. Consequently, it is vital that the cost-effectiveness of preventive chemotherapy is understood. We analyse the current estimates on the cost per disability-adjusted life year (DALY) of the preventive chemotherapy strategies predominantly used for these diseases and identify key evidence gaps that require further research. Overall, the reported estimates show that preventive chemotherapy is generally cost-effective, supporting WHO recommendations.


World Mosquito Day: Date, Theme, History And Importance

NDTV (India)
On World Mosquito Day 2021, know which mosquito is responsible for what disease in humans. There are several different mosquitoes that act as vectors for different diseases.

Scabies as a part of the World Health Organization roadmap for neglected tropical diseases 2021–2030...

Amal A. El-Moamly
Tropical Medicine and Health
Despite the current challenges, scabies control is now within reach. With sustained interventions, continuous resources, and sincere commitment and support, scabies global control appears to be a worthwhile, realistic goal that is potentially achievable in the not so distant future.

World Humanitarian Day 2021 | Lepra’s humanitarian response to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 for people affected by leprosy an

Aparna Srikantam and Michael Sukumar Pallapati
Neglected Tropical Disease NGO Network
However, as part of the NTD NGO Network (NNN), we continue to see member organisations identify opportunities and continue to develop tools to advance our important health promoting efforts. . . Lepra’s humanitarian response focused on the challenges faced by people affected by leprosy and LF, and subsequently set in motion a multipronged approach; in-clinic and mobile COVID-19 testing, food-aid packages for those who had lost their livelihood, oxygen concentrators were delivered to local hospitals, and as of April 2021, Lepra was also able to provide COVID-19 vaccinations. Thus, from April 2020 until now, Lepra has been able to provide a full range of COVID-19 services for the people affected by leprosy and LF in India.  


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