Innovative Community Referral: Can it improve VL case finding, treatment adherence and success in hard-to-reach settings of northwest Ethiopia?

Research questions: Does an innovative community referral linkage improve VL case finding in hard-to-reach areas of Northwest Ethiopia? Does innovative community referral linkage improve patient adherence to VL treatment? Does innovative community referral linkage improve VL patient’s treatment outcomes? Does an electronic referral linkage system improve back and forth communication and feedback between the treatment centre and community?

Countries: Ethiopia
Diseases: Leishmaniasis

Lead on social science

Determine the best health systems approaches for:

1. Improved planning and delivery of integrated programmes; 
2. Increased and sustained access to NTD drugs; 
3. Harmonised inter-sectoral approach; and 
4. Strong and generalisable evidence base for integrated elimination and control of NTDs.



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