TAS-STH vs. a standalone STH survey

To compare TAS-STH vs. a standalone STH survey in 5 schools surveying 250 kids. TAS-STH Community study will have 6-7 year olds while the STH survey focuses on 10-14 year olds.


Implementation partner(s): HKI | Burkina Faso MOH
WHO Region: AFRO


Successful Control of Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis in School Age Children in Burkina Faso and an Example of Community-Based Assessment via Lymphatic Filariasis Transmission Assessment Survey

François Drabo, Hamado Ouedraogo, Roland Bougma, Clarisse Bougouma, Issouf Bamba, Dramane Zongo, Mohamed Bagayan, Laura Barrett, Fanny Yago-Wienne, Stephanie Palmer, Brian Chu, Emily Toubali, Yaobi Zhang
2016, Issue no. 10, pages 5


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