Stigma Assessment and Reduction of Impact (SARI) Project

How effective are the following stigma reduction interventions when implemented in pairs to decrease leprosy-related stigma: 1) counselling and empowerment, 2) socio economic development, and 3) contact between community and people affected?


Sample size: 840


A cluster-randomized controlled intervention study to assess the effect of a contact intervention in reducing leprosy-related stigma in Indonesia

Ruth M.H. Peters, Dadun, Marjolein B.M. Zweekhorst, Joske F.G. Bunders, Irwanto, Wim H. van Brakel

The Cultural Validation of Two Scales to Assess Social Stigma in Leprosy

Ruth M. H. Peters, Dadun, Wim H. Van Brakel, Marjolein B. M. Zweekhorst, Rita Damayanti, Joske F. G. Bunders, Irwanto
2014, Issue no. 8 (11), pages DOI: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0003274

Lay and peer counsellors to reduce leprosy-related stigma - lessons learnt in Cirebon, Indonesia

Mimi Lusli, Ruth M.H. Peters, Dadun, Marjolein B.M. Zweekhorst, Wim H. van Brakel, Franscisca S.S.E. Seda, Joske F.G. Bunders, Irwanto
2015, Issue no. 86, pages 37-53


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