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Rapid Answer Projects (RAPs)

Literature review, meta-analyses; 3 RAPs published; one RAP white paper; see SCORE website http://score.uga.edu/projects/rapid-answers-project/

Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Riverine Prawns

What is the the impact of riverine prawns on infections in humans? Studies are to be conducted on interrupting seasonal transmission of Schistosomiasis and ecologic assessment of riverine prawns on infections in humans.

Countries: Cote d'Ivoire
Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Elimination of S. haematobium in Seasonal Transmission Sites

This study will include comparing 1) MDA as usual 2) double treatment with two closely-spaced MDAs (consistent with the recommendation based on mathematical models) 3) twice yearly MDA and 4) double MDA plus snail control.

Countries: Cote d'Ivoire
Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Randomized Control Trial Comparing Efficacy of a Single Dose of Treatment of Yaws with 20 mg/kg Versus 30 mg/kg of Azithromycin

Non-inferiority study comparing a 20mg/kg dosing strategy of azithromycin to a 30mg/kg dosing strategy in the treatment of yaws 

Countries: Papua New Guinea | Ghana
Diseases: Yaws

Comparison of antigenemia by ICT and FTS RDT, antibody responses to Wb123 and Ov 16 by ELISA , and Wb123/Ov16 Biplex RDT on LF sentinel sites

To compare antigenemia results by ICT and FTS RDT, antibody responses to Wb123 and Ov 16 by ELISA , and Wb123/Ov16 Biplex RDT on LF sentinel sites.

Countries: Dem. Rep. of Congo

TAS-STH vs. a standalone STH survey

To compare TAS-STH vs. a standalone STH survey in 5 schools surveying 250 kids. TAS-STH Community study will have 6-7 year olds while the STH survey focuses on 10-14 year olds.

Countries: Burkina Faso


Define improved strategies, support development of WHO recommendations, and ensure communication to struggling countries; Acceleration of global elimination efforts to achieve 2020 goals

Understanding Lymphatic Filariasis Antigenemia and Antibody responses in Sentinel sites post LF transmission interruption (The Gambia)

Assess Wb123 antibody responses in communities where LF transmission was interrupted without MDA.

Countries: Gambia

Side-by-side comparison of village-based sampling for Skin snip MF vs. Ov16 ELISA

To compare skin snip microfiladermia with antibody responses against Ov16 antigen in general population in epidemiological assessments post CDTi.

Countries: Senegal

Field evaluation of two schistosome antibody-based rapid tests at point-of-care for prevalence mapping of urinary schistosomiasis in The Gambia

CCA Protocol: To know the sensitivity and specificity of POC CCA in the detection of urinary schistosomiasis, as compared to traditional diagnostic tools.

Countries: Gambia
Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Multi-country perspective on mobile data collection

SCORE Data Collection on Mobile Devises

Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Snail control in Kenya with 20 year follow-up

Snail Control follow-up study of P. clarkii 20 years later

Countries: Kenya
Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Analysis of schistosomiasis diagnostics

Human Diagnostics Tool Development (CAA diagnostic tool)

Countries: Tanzania
Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Cross-country analysis of CCA test for screening/mapping

POC/CCA screening/mapping tool initial Studies

Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Comparison of CCA and PCR

Screening Tool POC/CCA: PCR comparative studies

Countries: Kenya
Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Identifying CCA testing standards in Kenya

POC/CCA tool ongoing studies: Use of testing standards; reader differences; ‘Trace’ result analyses

Countries: Kenya
Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Cost-effectiveness analysis of schistosomiasis control

Cost Studies in SCORE Gaining and Sustaining

Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Mapping of Schistosomiasis in Rwanda and Burundi

Mapping of schistosomiasis (Sm)

Countries: Burundi | Rwanda
Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Identifying schistosomiasis genetic markers in Brazil

Develop genetic markers for S. haematobium

Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Schistosomiasis population genetics in Niger and Tanzania

Schistosome Population Genetics in Gaining Control Studies in Niger (Sh) and Tanzania (Sm)

Countries: Niger | Tanzania
Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Snail control in Niger and Tanzania

Part of gaining control studies

Countries: Niger | Tanzania
Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Gaining schistosomiasis control in Kenya, Mozambique, and Tanzania

Gaining Control: >25% Prevalence MDA strategies; and subtle morbidity of Cohort; Population genetics, and snail monitoring

Countries: Kenya | Mozambique | Tanzania

Sustaining and gaining schistosomiasis control in Niger

Sustaining / Gaining Control with Single versus Double Treatment; and Population genetics, snail monitoring

Countries: Niger

Sustaining schistosomiasis control in Cote D'Ivoire and Kenya

MDA strategies: Sustaining control at 10 – 24% prevalence

Countries: Cote d'Ivoire | Kenya

Schistosomiasis elimination in Zanzibar

(1) Is it possible to eliminate schistosomiasis as a public health problem on Unguja in three years and to interrupt transmission in five years? (2) Is it possible to control schistosomiasis throughout Pemba (prevalence <10%) in three years and to eliminate it as a public health problem in five years? (3) What are the costs, successful strategies, barriers, etc. associated with three different interventions (MDA, vector control, and behavior change)?

Countries: Tanzania
Diseases: Schistosomiasis

Randomized trial of Ivermectin/Albendazole vs. Ivermectin alone

Randomized clinical trail comparing treatment with Albendazole and Ivermectin to Ivermectin alone for Onchocerciasis.

Countries: Ghana | Ghana
Diseases: Onchocerciasis

Randomized trial of albendazole alone for LF in Cote d'Ivoire

Randomized Clinical Trial of Albendazole vs Ivermectin+Albendazole for lymphatic filariasis treatment and elimination.

Countries: Cote d'Ivoire

Randomized trial of triple therapy (DEC/Alb/Iver) in Papua New Guinea

Randomized Clinical Trial comparing triple triple therapy of DEC/Alb/Iver vs. DEC/Alb alone

Countries: Papua New Guinea

Analysis of MDA frequency and Brugia in Indonesia

Comparison of 2X vs. 1X per year MDA on Brugia with MDA of DEC/Alb , plus STH evaluation

Countries: Indonesia