The influence of stigma on social participation and mental well-being amongst men and women affected/disabled by lymphatic filariasis and leprosy in the districts of Jaunpur and Patna in India

To what extent does stigma affect social participation and mental wellbeing among men and women affected/disabled by lymphatic filariasis or leprosy in Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh and Patna in Bihar?


Sample size: 200
Implementation partner(s): NLR India | NVBDCP


This study proposes extensive formative research to assess the perceived stigma, mental health, access to services, and social wellbeing of patients with LF and leprosy in two districts of India. The research team is planning to:

  1. map general locations of individuals with LF and/or leprosy-related disabilities
  2. conduct a quantitative survey using a leprosy toolkit that includes info on community stigma, mental wellbeing, and a patient health questionnaire
  3. conduct semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions with men and women in six categories of respondents. After formative research is complete, the team plans to adapt and implement an NTD-adjusted version of Psychological First Aid (a strategy endorsed by WHO).

The study team plans to train individuals with LF and Leprosy-related disabilities as peer counselors. Forty-eight individuals will be included in each arm of the study. The intervention group will receive rights-based peer counseling and Psychological First Aid for NTDs (PFA-NTD). Impact will be measured in the control and intervention arms through pre- and post-tests.

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