The Impact of WASH on Re-infection with STH

Study the impact of WASH on Trachoma by adding an STH intervention and post-treatment evaluation. WASH intervention and control communities will be treated with albendazole and STH burden will be assessed pre-treatment and at annual intervals thereafter.


Implementation partner(s): Ethiopia MOH (FMOH)
WHO Region: AFRO


WASH Upgrades for Health in Amhara (WUHA): study protocol for a cluster-randomised trial in Ethiopia

Dionna M Wittberg, Solomon Aragie, Wondyifraw Tadesse, Jason S Melo, Kristen Aiemjoy, Melsew Chanyalew, Paul M Emerson, Matthew C Freeman, Scott D Nash, E Kelly Callahan, Zerihun Tadesse, Mulat Zerihun, Travis C Porco, Thomas M Lietman, Jeremy D Keenan
2021, Issue no. 11, pages e039529


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