IDA-Triple Drug Therapy Clinical Trial in Fiji

Clinical Trial Triple Drug Study for LF


Sample size: 3 900
Implementation partner(s): Fiji MOH
WHO Region: WPRO


The safety of double- and triple-drug community mass drug administration for lymphatic filariasis: A multicenter, open-label, cluster-randomized study

Weil GJ, Bogus J, Christian M, Dubray C, Djuardi Y, et al.
2019, Issue no. 16, pages (6): e1002839

Dosing pole recommendations for lymphatic filariasis elimination: A height-weight quantile regression modeling approach

Goss CW, O’Brian K, Dubray C, Fischer PU, Hardy M, et al.
2019, Issue no. 13, pages (7): e0007541

The safety of combined triple drug therapy with ivermectin, diethylcarbamazine and albendazole in the neglected tropical diseases co-endemic setting of Fiji: A cluster randomised trial

Hardy M, Samuela J, Kama M, Tuicakau M, Romani L, et a
2020, Issue no. 14, pages (3): e0008106.


This study is associated with NCT# NCT03177993

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