Development of novel survey methodology for re-mapping LF in low prevalence areas (Tanzania)

Demonstrate the utility of a new mapping strategy based on school cluster random sampling Using PPES. A secondary objective is to assess the value of laboratory-based antibody assays as confirmatory tests and additional diagnostic tools for measuring LF transmission. 


Implementation partner(s): Tanzania MOH
WHO Region: AFRO


The rationale and cost-effectiveness of a confirmatory mapping tool for lymphatic filariasis: Examples from Ethiopia and Tanzania

Katherine M. Gass, Heven Sime, Upendo J. Mwingira, Andreas Nshala, Maria Chikawe, Sonia Pelletreau, Kira A. Barbre, Michael S. Deming and Maria P. Rebollo
2017, Issue no. 11, pages 10


The pilot of the strategy was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 10 districts. The remaining districts were re-mapped using this protocol by the partner institution RTI with USAID funding.

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