Development and testing of Educational Board game (Worms and Ladders) for soil transmitted helminthiasis control

To develop a health education game on Soil Transmitted Helminthiasis (STH) transmission and to evaluate the potential of the game to promote behavioural changes among school children for the prevention of STH infections after treatment. Our primary research questions are: 1. Can our health education board game (Worms and Ladders) developed to teach transmission and control of STH cause any significant changes in the health behaviours of school aged children to reduce reinfection and transmission of STH after mass treatment? 2. Will the health messages learnt while playing our board game promote significant knowledge about the causes, transmission and control of STH among school children? 3. Will the combination of intervention (mass chemotherapy/Health education) have any significant impact of reducing STH reinfection in school children?


Sample size: 362
Implementation partner(s): Ministry of Education Ogun State
WHO Region: AFRO


Health education is being advocated for, as a complementary strategy to sustain chemotherapy so that treated individuals remain free and not become reinfected (Mascarini-Serra, 2011). WHO defines health education as any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals or communities improve their health by nfluencing their knowledge or activities. Health education strategies have been found to reduce the cost of deworming, increase the level of overall health knowledge and acceptability of deworming interventions within the community (Luong, 2003; Albonicoet al., 2006). Health education materials include; §Audios (e.g. talk, music). §Visual aids (e.g. video, mass media, leaflets, photographs, newspaper, board games and posters).

Board games are vital, life affecting learning tools. Nevertheless, the use of games to teach students is an underutilized source (Tregaskis, 1991). This project will develop a simple board game for STH and test its usefulness for health message delivery in a RCT.


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