Country operational research priorities pending.


To improve compliance and reduce the coverage-compliance gap in mass drug administration through enhanced and tailored social mobilization.

Districts: Ambon City

Comparison of safety profile and acceptability between triple drug therapy (IVM,DEC,ALB) and standard two-drug therapy (DEC, ALB), plus STH evaluation.


How effective are the following stigma reduction interventions when implemented in pairs to decrease leprosy-related stigma: 1) counselling and empowerment, 2) socio economic development, and 3) contact between community and people affected?

Districts: Cirebon

To validate the Brugia antibody tests as a tool for stopping LF MDA.


Binax Now Filariasis Test vs. Alere Filariasis Test Strip Comparison

Districts: Pekalong

Comparison of 2X vs. 1X per year MDA on Brugia with MDA of DEC/Alb , plus STH evaluation

Districts: Sikka

Comparison of 2X vs. 1X per year MDA, W. bancrofti with MDA of DEC/Alb, plus STH evaluation

Districts: Pekalong City