Analysis of MDA frequency in Liberia and Cote D'Ivoire

Comparison of 2X vs. 1X per year MDA on W. bancrofti with MDA of IVM/Alb, plus STH evaluation (and Schistosoma in Foya only)


In progress
Target completion date: 01 Apr 2017
Sample size: 9 600
Implementation partner(s): LIBR (Bolay)

In progress
Target completion date: 01 Dec 2017
Sample size: 12 000
Implementation partner(s): Cote d'Ivoire MOH

In progress
Target completion date: 01 Dec 2016
Sample size: 7 500
Implementation partner(s): LIBR (Bolay)


Liberia - NCT01905436


(1)  Lofa:

Baseline surveys finished - Sept 2012. (Low LF/Oncho Mf rates, but very high STH/Schisto. Will continue but focus on STH/Schisto/ICT.)

MDA has been provided and 1 yr Post treatment evaluation began Jan/2014, but was stopped early due to the ebloa outbreak in the area. Research at this site is was suspened for most of 2015 due to the Ebola crisis. Treatment resumed in April 2015. 

2nd follow up expected - Q1/2016

3rd follow up expected - Q1/2017

(2)  Maryland:

Baseline surveys completed - May 2013

MDA has been provided and 1 yr Post MDA evaluation completed - 3Q/2014

2nd follow up completed - Q3/2015

3rd follow up completed - Q3/2016


Cote d'Ivoire - NCT02032043

Pilot surveys completed - 1Q-3Q/2013

Baseline surveys completed - 1Q/2014

1st follow up surveys expected - 3Q/2015

2nd follow up surveys expected - 3Q/2016

3rd follow up surveys expected - 3Q/2017

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