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1. Can MDA resume and achieve high performance while minimizing risk of COVID-19 transmission through adherence to SOPs?

2. Can local teams easily implement the recommended modifications to MDAs; what is the added cost; and how do the above vary by context?

3. What aspects of local context influence implementation of SOPs?

Countries Nigeria


1. Can the O-150 LAMP assay be established on whole blood? 2. Can the O-150 qPCR methodology be adapted for human sampling?


1. How does the performance of the O-150 LAMP compare to the O-150 qPCR assay?

2. What threshold be used to define positive vs negative results for both assays?

3. Can deep sequencing reveal over potential biomarkers for further investigation?

Countries Cameroon
Diseases: Onchocerciasis

  • An Ov16/OVOC3261 biplex IgG4 test, whereby we are confident that we can provide > 60% sensitivity and 99.8% specificity, as required by the TPP for Onchocerciasis Elimination Mapping.
  • Demonstration that the Ov16/OVOC3261 biplex IgG4 test behaves at least as good with blood as with plasma/serum samples (notably a perceived weakness of the SD Ov16 RDT)

Diseases: Onchocerciasis