Uga Hmj

Motivating Community Drug Distributors in the fight against NTDs

16 Dec 2016

“There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip,” an old proverb says. For the large-scale mass drug administration campaigns delivering pills to prevent or treat neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), this is both literally and figuratively the case.

Triple drug therapy could be game changer for lymphatic filariasis

13 Dec 2016

Almost one billion people are at risk of contracting one of the major tropical diseases that permanently damage bodies and quality of life. But a new treatment regimen has researchers hopeful that one of these life-altering illnesses might be eliminated faster than originally anticipated.

Chagas prevention must focus on mothers, experts say

08 Dec 2016

Go to the mothers. That’s what health workers must do to control and eliminate Chagas disease from the 21 Latin American countries where it is a persistent, often silent, scourge.

“One Health” approach holds promise for STH disease in humans

07 Dec 2016

Decades of veterinary research may supply ammunition for the ongoing war against worms in global health.

Sensitive test brings good news, bad news for schistosomiasis researchers

01 Dec 2016

A new assay for detecting schistosomiasis is forcing international experts to reassess progress toward eliminating this disease, which afflicts people in some of the world’s most impoverished places.