Red Shirts: Who’s Who at COR-NTD

The COR-NTD Secretariat looks forward to welcoming attendees to this year’s meeting of the  Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases (COR-NTD) in Atlanta, Georgia. This year, as in previous years, Neglected Tropical Disease Support Center (NTD-SC) staff members will be wearing red COR-NTD shirts. These “Red Shirt” staff will be available to answer any questions and to ensure attendees have pleasant experiences. You will see Red Shirts coordinating sign-in, giving directions to meeting areas, providing A/V support, and more. This offers attendees unique opportunities to connect personally with the Secretariat team.

Below, meet some Red Shirts who will be providing assistance in key areas.

Nikita McCage and Wendi McAfee are responsible for all logistics associated with the meeting. They are providing overarching organizational support.

Nikita McCage        Wendi McAfee

Rachel Burriss is coordinating support for the COR-NTD mobile app. This feature returns by popular demand and allows participants to access important meeting content from their phones or laptops. Rachel will be on hand to help participants install the app, set up profiles, and access the exciting features the app provides.

Rachel Burriss

Waithera Kagira-Watson, Admira Krvavac and Elias Amin can answer questions about per diems, letters of invitation, and other financial matters.

Waithera Kagira-Watson     Admira Krvavac     Elias Amin

Chelsea Toledo is your Red Shirt contact for questions about blogging, Twitter or NTD ConnectOR.

Chelsea Toledo

Other key Red Shirts  you will see include Andrew Majewski, Mariana Stephens and Katie Gass, who will greet you as you enter the meeting and guide you to where you need to be.

Andrew Majewski     Mariana Stephens     Katie Gass

Check out NTD-SC's full staff list to meet more Red Shirts and learn about their day-to-day roles. When you see Red Shirts, know that they are personally invested in helping you have the best experience possible as you take next steps in the fight against NTDs.