Julian Eaton And Muhammad Jidda Assakin

Julian Eaton

Dr Julian Eaton, a British psychiatrist, is the senior mental health advisor for CBM.  His task is to support projects that are focused on Community Mental Health, or include mental health and psychosocial support in their work, for example many Community-Based Rehabilitation programmes, and some neglected tropical disease or eye-, or ear-care programmes. CBM works with stakeholders including people with psychosocial disabilities to develop quality health services, and to advocate more effectively for improvement of health policies and in the implementation of those policies.






Muhammad Jidda Assakin

Mr Jidda was born in Borno State in around 1959 in northern Nigeria to a family of nomadic cattle-rearers – a member of the Shuwa Arab tribe. He started school in Maiduguri before moving to Kano for post-primary schooling. After graduating in Public Administration and Rural and Community Development (postgraduate diploma), he joined the Nigeria Customs Service, rising through the ranks until he reached the senior rank of Superintendent of Customs.

The voice of people affected can contribute to priority-setting in research in Neglected Tropical Diseases

06 Nov 2017

People with disabilities are often not able to have a say in decisions that are made that affect them, including in the way that international development is organised, and research is carried out.