Lymphatic Filariasis

In Step Towards 2020

15 Dec 2017

Newly Released Scorecard Marks Progress in the Fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases 

Small Grants, Big Impact: Dr. Monique Dorkenoo, Lomé, Togo

08 Nov 2017

In May 2017,  the African Research Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases (ARNTD), the U.S.

The voice of people affected can contribute to priority-setting in research in Neglected Tropical Diseases

06 Nov 2017

People with disabilities are often not able to have a say in decisions that are made that affect them, including in the way that international development is organised, and research is carried out.

A COR-NTD Success Story: Testing the LymphaTech 3D Scanner for Use in LF Lymphedema

04 Nov 2017

One of the really great things about COR-NTD is the opportunity it provides to make and strengthen collaborative connections.  

‘Skeeter Beaters: An Interview with Pat Lammie on Mosquitoes and Tropical Disease

18 Aug 2017

World Mosquito Day takes place annually on August 20, in honor of Sir Ronald Ross’s 1897 discovery that malaria is transmitted by female mosquitoes.

Q&A with Patrick Lammie, Chief Scientist for the NTD Support Center

31 Jul 2017

There’s no harm in trying new strategies. When they work, great. When they don’t work, try something else.